"Mens sana in corpore sano. Un esprit sain dans un corps sain."
Boldstep, a community dedicated to promoting both physical and mental well-being for all its members.

Boldstep, an innovative method combining ballet movements and strength training. Available online 24/7 and suitable for all levels, my programs feature a dynamic blend of boldstep workout, barre, floor barre, ballet, pilates, stretching sessions…Wherever you are, train according to your preferences with our short formats. While it's often said that the mind can heal the body, I believe the body can heal the mind. Step by step, I’ll help you unlock your full potential.

Who is Chloe Lopes Gomes?

Chloé Lopes Gomes is a French ballet instructor and writer. She trained at the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Russia before embarking on a career with some of Europe's most renowned ballet companies, including the Béjart Ballet and the Berlin Ballet. Recognized for her advocacy of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities within classical arts, she was honored by the BBC as one of the most influential women in her field. Chloe has recently released her debut autobiographical book, titled "Black Swan." Presently, she imparts her knowledge and expertise as a teacher in prestigious ballet companies such as The Rambert Ballet, The Scottish Ballet, and the Preljocaj Ballet.

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